Common Diabetes Symptoms in Women

diabetes symptoms in womenThe most common disease affecting millions of people in the current world is diabetes. The number of women suffering from this ailment has increased in the recent years. It is believed that the type of lifestyle we practice today is the main cause of diabetes. Diabetes symptoms in women differ in various aspects. However the most common symptoms include frequent urination, tiredness, hormonal and sexual disorders, dry skin, weight loss, feeling thirsty, etc. Women with diabetic mostly suffer from diseases such as frequent white cells secretion, yeast infection in the vagina and menstruation cycle complications. Most diseases related to sexual organs are common in diabetic women.

The diabetes symptoms in women also depend on the type diabetes. Women can suffer from three types of diabetes; gestational diabetes, Type 1 and type 2. Women with diabetes type 1 and type 2 should follow a strict diet. Certain food that can worsen the condition should be avoided completely. Their diet should comprise of nutritious and healthy foods. The meals should be taken with prescribed quantity and at the recommended time. Inadequate sleep, lack of nutritional meals, stress, poor lifestyle and no exercise are the main cause of diabetes.

One more diabetes symptom is that it causes cramps and jerks in the legs and the person suffering from it gets frequent jerks and feels uneasy sitting or standing among people. Diabetes is a manageable disease and anyone suffering from it can manage it by himself without much ado. Simple lifestyle changes for the diabetes sufferers can result in big health benefits. These lifestyle changes include, taking exercise regularly, eating multiple small portions of low calorie foods and replace high GI foods with low GI foods that are rich with fiber and proteins. Diabetes diet plays a very important role in controlling the diabetes. If the sufferer consumes diet that is rich with high GI foods that will load his body system with foods that create high sugar levels in the body when processed. Exercise and low calorie diet the remedy to keep the monster of diabetes under control. If you want to learn how to reverse your diabetes naturally, Then I would highly suggest matt traverso how to reverse diabetes now. This program is getting a big attention from diabetics from all over the world.