If You Are Pregnant Taking Depakote Can Be A Real Risk

whatisdepakoteMany people ask,”What is Depakote?” It is a drug used to treat a wide variety of seizure as well as mood disorders. In addition to that, it is used to treat and prevent migraines. However, even though it is an important drug, it also is important t note that there are serious side effects that are linked to it. It may not be the right choice for special categories of people such as pregnant women. This is the reason why leading consultants have been quick to point out that an individual should be fully aware of the possible consequences before they agree to take Dipakote in pregnancy.

If you take Depakote in pregnancy, this drug can cause severe birth effects. It is because the medication works by increasing the amounts of specific acids in the brain. Unfortunately, it might end up doing so in the brain of the unborn child as well. According to studies from some reliable sources, there have been many cases where either the child dies in the process or they just had to live with defects that affect their lives forever. There is no doubt that everyone wants to give birth to a healthy baby and therefore, it is important to make sure that you take all the necessary precaution when you are pregnant. Indeed, there are other mild solutions that you can turn to when you cannot stand the migraines or other situations that might make you to turn to this solution when you are expecting your child.

Another reason why you should avoid it is because it causes other discomforting feelings such as nausea and tremors. These are conditions that normal women go through when expecting a child. You therefore do not want to imagine what would happen if you are made to go through more than you can even handle.